The Lost City of Atlantis (deutch)

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The Lost City of Atlantis is platform adventure game, even though the game is in German it is pretty easy to work out how to play.

The legend of the Labyrinths is the tale of the young Raghim - a Phoenician
merchant whose strength and valour were matched by an overpowering desire to
travel far and wide.

Not having crystal ball, nor magic mirror, nor flying carpet, Raghim was in a
fix until one fine and fateful day he met in the throngs of a Greek bazaar a
strange and twinkling wizard. And said the wise and wrinkled one:

"Step forth young man and hasty with it, with you a secret I will share.
This crumpled scroll is not a crumpet but a map into Atlantis.
Look close my friend, for tis here the secret hides. Buy it lad, but please
no Rouples. For me those Crystals shining!"

Our hero stepped forth and in his hands he grasped that crumpled script. In
search of crystals, after times new and old did he point those sprightly toes.
And what or who would dare defy those muscles strong and bulging? What but
those brazen monsters who coiled in the murk and an impediment did provide.
To the beginning was their goal to send our handsome hero

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Game year: 
Noch Software, Inc.
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Noch Software, Inc.

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