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How to play FlixMix

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

FlixMix Description

FlixMix is a jigsaw puzzle game in which the user has to assemble a jigsaw puzzle from square pieces. But there is a catch: the jigsaw puzzle is an animated picture, so each piece is not a static part of a picture but a small part of a large animation you have to assemble. You can set a number of options such as the number of pieces and whether the animation randomly plays back and forth or just in one direction. There are also four different modes of play for single or multi player, in this case more like party play. The animations vary from optical illusions to simple CG.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for FlixMix

No posted cheats for this game yet.

FlixMix - additional information

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FlixMix - Cover Art DOS