Battle Squadron

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How to play Battle Squadron

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Battle Squadron Description

Battle Squadron is a vertically scrolling shooter for the Amiga computer platform and the Sega Genesis console, for one or two players. It is a sequel to the game Hybris.

Battle Squadron supports both mouse- and joystick-controlled styles of play. Players play the game from the perspective of elite fighter pilots sent to rescue two human agents from the clutches of the evil aliens known as the Barrax. The player's ships carry unlimited projectile weaponry and a finite number of Nova Smart Bombs.

Notable features of the game are relatively big sprites (with Predator-esque cloaking effects applied to a few) and numerous weapon upgrades (supposedly 25 in total). Opponents consist of ground installations (generally gun turrets and launch platforms), ground vehicles, aircraft and numerous genetically-engineered living weapons.

Specific enemies of note include:

Cargo vehicles that drop weapon upgrades upon destruction.
Four-craft squadrons of Barrax fighters that will release an extra, collectable Nova Bomb upon destruction of the entire squadron.
Two different varieties of gigantic, apparently-robotic terror machines, functioning as the bosses of two separate levels.
What appear to be several giant faces in the terrain, once again, serving as end-of-level bosses.
The Barrax Nova Cruiser, the end-game boss.

Battle Squadron - additional information

Cover Art
Battle Squadron - Cover Art Sega Genesis