Dungeon Quest

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How to play Dungeon Quest

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Dungeon Quest Description

Dungeonquest (sometimes known as Dungeon Quest) is a fantasy board game, set in a fantasy setting reminiscent of TSR's Dungeons & Dragons or the Warhammer Fantasy universe. The game was originally published in 1985 as Drakborgen by Brio AB, and first published in English in 1987 by Games Workshop. Today, the title is no longer produced or published.

The object of the game is to explore the ruins of Dragonfire Castle and collect treasure before time expires. Players must try to locate the treasure room at the center of the castle by navigating a labyrinth of ruins leading to it. After locating the treasure room, players collect as much treasure as possible, and then attempt to escape before time runs out.

Play is centered around the game board. Dungeonquest is unusual in that the game board is blank and only revealed as play progresses. The board begins blank except for a grid pattern and the treasure at the center. Play progresses in turns as each player, controlling an adventurer, selects a tile at random and sets it down on a grid space on the board (players cannot see what the tile contains before selecting it). Each tile represents a space and may be one of several different configurations. The space may be a room with several doorways, it may be a turn, a hallway, a dead end, a bottomless pit, a rotating room or several other spaces. In all, the game contained 115 room tiles.

Players may experience cave-ins or encounters with monsters during their quest, which hinders their progress. Since each player begins at a different edge of the board, each player's passageways will be different as well (with interaction between players generally being indirect).

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