Beast Wrestler

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How to play Beast Wrestler

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Beast Wrestler Description

Beast Wrestler is a one-on-one fighting game that allows beasts and dragons to "wrestle" each other using an isometric view.

The two basic attacks are a punch and a tail attack. Throws and choking moves can also be made at appropriate spots in the match. Once all three icons are red, the player automatically loses the fight. The arena is surrounded by an electric fence that can either be used for an attack or as a way to initiate a jump attack.

Regular matches are like exhibition games while tournaments are more like role-playing games where the player's chosen beast/dragon is weak and has to power up by defeating stronger foes. A store can be visited which provided strength-increasing food between fights in the arena.Diskettes containing the vital statistics of the different monsters, dragons, and miscellaneous beasts can also be found. They provide vital knowledge needed to defeat future opponents.During certain parts of the game, the DNA of the beast can be spliced with defeated monsters to learn new abilities for future fights.

Beast Wrestler - additional information

Game year
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Also known as
"Beast Warriors" -- Japanese title
"ビースト・ウォリアーズ" -- Japanese spelling
Cover Art
Beast Wrestler - Cover Art Sega Genesis