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How to play Bloodshot

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Bloodshot Description

Battle Frenzy is a 1994 video game developed by Domark and published by Acclaim in 1994 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console. It was re-released the same year for the same system as Bloodshot as well as a release on the Sega CD. Battle Frenzy was one of the few first person shooters released on the Mega Drive/Genesis.

In the year 2049, an Earth moon base known as Yaz 67 was destroyed by an alien battle cruiser. The Earth Federation Starfleet Command retaliated by sending two of its own space battle cruisers against the alien ship with the goal of damaging the ship's defenses and taking as many prisoners as possible. When soldiers entered the battered alien ship, they found it was completely controlled by robotic soldiers who outgunned and outclassed the boarding humans. The ship was eventually taken on to Earth's orbit and human scientists successfully shut-off the alien robot crew using electromagnetic fields. However, when the scientists reactivate the cruiser's computers, they find an invincible space carrier containing even more robot soldiers and armed with extremely destructive Nova bombs are on its way to Earth; if the ship is disabled before it reaches Earth, then it is are programmed to crash onto Earth's surface and detonate the bombs. The only way to completely destroy the carrier is to destroy its twelve plasma node cores. Once the plasma node is destroyed however, the entire deck the node is located on will explode.

A year later, the Earth Federation makes it their mission to board the carrier once it has entered the Solar System and destroy the ship from the inside. Players assume the role of the cybernetic-ally enhanced trooper assigned to the mission, who is implanted with the special combat Battle Frenzy Chip which gives the soldier an unstoppable desire to kill... a condition known as 'Bloodshot.'

Battle Frenzy/Bloodshot had a total of 12 levels all taking place aboard the alien cruiser. Players had to fight their way through the decks of the ship fighting through different killing machines in order to destroy the armed plasma node core located on that floor. Once the core was destroyed, a self-destruct sequence would occur and players would have to run back to where they started the level before the time ran out.

Players had lives, but whenever a life was lost, the players would restart exactly where they died. If players lost a life during the level destruction sequence but still had more lives, they would restart at the beginning of the self-destruct sequence. While the controls were very basic, the player could strafe by holding the A button and moving left or right.

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