Stay Tooned!

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How to play Stay Tooned!

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Stay Tooned! Description

Stay Tooned! is a 1996 Action-Adventure PC game that was developed by Funnybone Interactive and published by Sierra Entertainment.

The game begins in a large apartment building in the middle of an unnamed city. The player takes the place of an ordinary patron living in their apartment. The player starts off simply channel-surfing with a TV remote and watching short cartoons and commercials that parody real-life shows. One channel even has the game's chief programmer providing hints on how to play the upcoming game. Several cartoon characters either forbid or encourage the player to push the red button on their remote as the player surfs the channels. When the player pushes the button, the cartoons break out of the television set, steal the remote, and cause the entire apartment complex to go into animated form. The player's mission is to recover the television remote, which is the only thing that can zap the escaped toons and send them back to TV Land, the fictional toon world found within the depths of the t.v. The player searches the other apartments for the remote while playing nearly thirty games contained within them and avoiding the destructive trickery committed by the escaped toons.

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Stay Tooned! - Cover Art Windows 3.1