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Dustin is a video game developed and distributed by Dinamic Software in 1986 for 8-bit platforms: Sinclair ZX Spectrum , Amstrad CPC and MSX .

The object of this game, which incorporates elements of adventure next to the arcade, is to escape from the prison. For this we are going to have to be forced to deal with the rest of the prisoners and fight with the guards, all of which will provide us with the tools to get away. Once outside the prison we will have to cross a dangerous jungle and find the exit.

The author of the game was Enrique Cervera next to Luis Rodríguez and Snatcho charge of the graphic part and Manuel Cubedo of the music. From the charts for Amstrad CPC took over Javier Cubedo and the MSX version Pedro Sudón. The cover was run by the well-known cartoonist Alfonso Azpiri. It consists of two independent charge phases.

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ZX Spectrum
Game year: 
Dennis Publishing
Developed by: 
Dinamic Software
Dustin Cover Art ZX Spectrum
Also known as: 
"Dustin: The Game" -- In-game title

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