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How to play Cheese Cat-Astrophe starring Speedy Gonzales

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Cheese Cat-Astrophe starring Speedy Gonzales Description

Cheese Cat-Astrophe starring Speedy Gonzales is a platform video game released in 1995 on Mega Drive , Master System and Game Gear . The game was developed by Cryo Interactive , produced by Time Warner Interactive and published by Sega .

The game is based on Speedy Gonzales , one of the characters of the Loony Tunes , appeared in 1953.

The animation of the characters was specially designed for the game, by one of the artists who worked on the cartoons of Speedy Gonzales, at Time Warner. The graphic designers then adapted the drawing boards to the computer. Then the programmer looked for technical solutions to be able to integrate the maximum of images of these animations very provided, in the little memory that had the consoles of game of that time.

Project manager, game designer, designer : Olivier Lebourg
Main programmer: Jimmy Tucson with his real name Jean-Marc Lebourg
Tools programmer : Janicki Michel
Artists: Dominique Sablons , Imagex , Philippe Arbogast , Hugues Cazel
Music by David de Gruttola
Programmer introductory sequence: Janicki Michel
Intro artists : Emmanuel Vasse, Dominique Sablons
Sega team : Paul Chamberlain, Lia Ithell, Simon Bradley, Cara McMullan

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Also known as
"Cheese Cat-Astrophe estrelando Speedy Gonzales" -- Brazilian title
Cheese Cat-Astrophe starring Speedy Gonzales  - Cover Art Sega Genesis