College Slam

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How to play College Slam

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

College Slam Description

College Slam is a college basketball game for the Sega Genesis and Super NES published by Acclaim. Its gameplay is nearly identical to NBA Jam, on which it is based. It includes most major Division I colleges, but there are many, such as the University of Tennessee, the University of Notre Dame, and Mississippi State University (who had just made a run to the Final Four that year), that are not included. The player can play tournaments, a season, or a single game. The game, however, did not enjoy the success of NBA Jam.

Each team starts out by picking any 2 out of 5 players to play with during the game. During timeouts, and at half-time, the player has a choice to make substitutions. When a player makes 2 baskets in a row, the computer says "He's heating up", and if he makes 3 baskets in a row without the other team scoring, it says "He's on fire!", which makes it easier to score.

In the season mode, the player can pick from 44 teams, and then play a 20 game season against quality competition. In the tournament mode, 16 teams compete for a chance to win the national championship. The player also has the ability to edit teams and players. The game itself is not realistic, as players can easily make full-courts shots and occasionally, players get struck by lightning as they dunk. The final score of the games are usually in the middle to high 100s.

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