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How to play Cyber-Cop

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Cyber-Cop Description

Corporation (Cyber-Cop in North America) is a computer game for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga, later ported to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. It was developed for Core Design and Dementia Productions by Bill Allen with graphics and design by Kevin Bulmer. The Sega version was published by Virgin Games.

Corporation is a first person shooting and puzzle game. This game preceded Wolfenstein 3D by a number of years and, though technically less advanced, was one of the earliest simulations to tackle a human viewpoint with complete 360 degree freedom of movement.

It is also the first 3D-Game that allows you to enhance parts of your body, before games like System Shock, Syndicate or Deus Ex brought that into view. It was also released for IBM and PC compatibles in 1991 by Virgin Games. As read from the back of the box: "ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH TO TAKE ON THE CORPORATION? Even the most hardened player will be challenged by this one... Feel the tension and unease created by the realistic 3D sequences... Struggle to master your psychic powers which can heal... or destroy. CORPORATION's got everything - mapping, object manipulation, damage control, security problems, combat - and don't forget how useful your Backpack Computer and Smart Card can be. You'll be kept locked in combat for a long time to come as you struggle to expose The Universal Cybernetics Corporation in its bid to develop a mutant robot for military purposes. As a ZODIAC special investigator, can you save man from his untimely destruction in the 21st Century, or is he doomed to see his faithful robot turned into a genetically engineered war machine, designed to kill? FEATURES: + REALISTIC ACTION CONTROL OF SIX CHARACTERS: 2 MALE, 2 FEMALE AND 2 DROID + ARM YOURSELF WITH A CUTTING-EDGE WEAPON ARSENAL INCLUDING HOLOGRAM PROJECTORS, SPECIAL VISION ENHANCEMENT VISOR AND THERMAL INFRA-RED IMAGE INTENSIFIER + CRACK THE COMPLEX SECURITY SYSTEM COMPLETE WITH CAMERAS, COMPUTER-LOCKED DOORS, PRESSURE PADS, AIRLOCKS AND INFRA-RED BEAMS. + COMPLETE 16 LEVEL 3-DIMENSIONAL ENVIRONMENT WITH FAST, SMOOTH SCROLLING + 360 DEGREE VISION + ENVIRONMENTAL SOUND EFFECTS"

Corporation plays in a dark future where most people are replaced by robots at work. Soon one Corporation gets big enough to develop robots for military use. Besides that, they also work on genetic experiments, cybernetic implants and other body modifications. Other rich people invest their money to gather private armies that would not question their work. During the time, one of their prototype runs amok in London's city after escape. Since it's not easy to shut down such a huge Corporation due its influence on the world market, without a good proof, its the time where you come in place. Your target is to steal useful information about their experiments. You dig into their laboratory complex and have to avoid getting caught by all means.

You play one of the intruders in a first-person perspective, controlled with a gamepad. In a special menu, you treat your wounds on specific parts of your body, manage electronic devices, body mod's and gather information. Besides walking around, you can also use elevators to gain access to other levels. Doors are either open or must be opened with a special Keycard or from a terminal. Later, you are capable of using PSI powers to heal yourself or to float over the ground. Cameras track your moves and should be avoided or destroyed before they alarm the security guards. Some of them also might be projections. So you should avoid shooting at anything since bullets are rare.

Cyber-Cop - additional information

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Corporation --Europe Title
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