Cyborg Justice

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How to play Cyborg Justice

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Cyborg Justice Description

The game's opening cinematic shows a spaceship crashing onto a mining colony. The ship's occupant dies shortly after the crash. The space-traveller's mind is to be transplanted into cyborg body and his memory erased so that he can be put to work. The memory wipe fails and the player, as the unwilling cyborg, must escape.

On starting the game, players are prompted to select a hand, body, and legs for their cyborg character. The enemies the player battles are also combinations of these three types of cyborg parts.

The game has a large moves list, and even allows the player to steal hands from other cyborgs to replace their own.

Controls: D-Pad Move Around A=Shoulder Barge B=Punch C=Jump (Press B Mid Air to Long Jump)

Special Moves: A+D-Pad= Power Punches(Up=Uppercut etc.) A,A=Special Arm (Chainsaw, Laser etc.) A+Back= When close swaps arms C+Down= Duck Duck+Forward+C= Dash, Pick Up Enemy (When Close) Duck+Backward+C= Backflip C+Down Whilst Mid Air= Seat Drop on Enemy and Replenishes Health (Warning If You Miss You Will Loose Health)

Cyborg Justice - additional information

Game year
Also known as
"Robot Wreckage" -- Working title
Cover Art
Cyborg Justice - Cover Art Sega Genesis