Turbo Out Run

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How to play Turbo Out Run

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Turbo Out Run Description

Turbo Outrun was a videogame by Sega released to arcades in 1989. It is the second game in the Out Run series, and runs on identical hardware to the original.

This game puts the player in control of a male driver driving with his girlfriend in a Ferrari F40, racing against the clock and a computer-controlled opponent in a Porsche 959 to reach Los Angeles from a starting point of New York City.

The most notable feature of this game, which most players remember it for, is the fact that the player can increase speed by using turbo boost by pressing a button on the side of the console-mounted shifter and the engine temperature will increase in kind on the on-screen gauge. When the gauge reaches "OVERHEAT!" turbo boost cannot be used until the temperature decreases.

At every sub-goal (reached after passing through about five cities), a power-up can be chosen, the three being: Hi-Power Engine, Special Turbo, and Super Grip Tires. If the computer-controlled opponent reaches the sub-goal before the player, at the next race, the driver's girlfriend will move to the opponent's car, but if the player beats the opponent, a 1,000,000 point bonus is given. If the player reaches the final checkpoint, in the process, the player will pass the CPU opponent and the ending scene is played.

It was available in a stand-up cabinet, and a sit-down cabinet with decals giving it an appearance of a Ferrari F40, the car featured in the game. There were also conversion kits available to convert original OutRun machines to Turbo Outrun.

Turbo Out Run - additional information

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"Turbo OutRun" -- Alternate spelling
"ターボ アウトラン" -- Japanese spelling
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Turbo Out Run - Cover Art Sega Genesis