John Madden Football

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John Madden Football is a football video game following the success of Earl Weaver Baseball. It is the first of the Madden football games developed and released by Electronic Arts. It features John Madden on the cover. This game featured many customizable aspects, weather conditions (hot, rain, snow, or cold and windy), time of quarters, player fatigue and injuries, and penalties. Unlike future Madden football video games, this version does not feature season play, only single games. No actual NFL teams are included due to the lack of NFL or NFLPA licenses for authentic teams, player names, and stadia. However, some of the teams are based on real teams. One could also create a team from scratch in this game. It is the only Madden game released for Commodore and the Apple II.

A similar version of this game was released in 1989 for the PC and Commodore 64.


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Electronic Arts, Inc.
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Electronic Arts, Inc.
John Madden Football - Cover Art DOS

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