Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge

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The third game in the series combined the gameplay aspects of its predecessors, allowing players to choose between racing opponents of Lotus Turbo Challenge or the arcade-like time trials of Lotus 2. The two-player option was retained and the music selection feature returns (Patrick Phelan's soundtrack to Lotus III spawned many modern remixes). Lotus III also added a third car - a concept Lotus M200 automobile - and allowed the player to choose which one to race with. The game recycled most of the graphics from Lotus 2, but added a number of new sceneries.

The Mega Drive version bears the name Lotus II: RECS (referring to the game's new course creation feature), while the MS-DOS port released in 1993 was simply called Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge due to being the only Lotus game on that platform. The MS-DOS version features the Lotus Esprit S4 instead of the Esprit Turbo SE. Apart from the slightly different car's graphics, the difference in gameplay is minimal, if any. The MS-DOS version was released again in 1996, this time on a CD-ROM.


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Gremlin Interactive Ltd.
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