Mystic Towers

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How to play Mystic Towers

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Mystic Towers Description

Each tower consists of 45 rooms (5 floors with 9 rooms), 15 monsters, and 1 monster generator. In each tower, Baldric must defeat all the monsters, destroy the monster generator, and obtain the Large Red Tower Key that opens the main door at the start of the level.

Baron Baldric has a health bar showing his hit points, which decrease as Baron takes damage from monsters, is poisoned, or steps on traps. When his health meter runs out, Baldric loses a life. He begins with nine lives in reserve (One life in Practice Mode), but when these lives are gone, the game is over.

The food and drink bars show Baron's hunger and thirst, and they slowly decrease over the course of gameplay. Along his quest, Baldic must consume enough food and drink to avoid starvation and thirst. If at any time, one or more of these two bars run out, Baron Baldric will slowly lose life until food or drink is consumed, and neither meters are empty. As long as both the food and drink bars are not empty, Baldric's health slowly recharges (as long as he is not poisoned). Food can be found in a variety of places, and some monsters will drop them when killed. Drinks can be found in bottles and flasks, as well as in water fountains in towers. Note that some bottles contain wine, which will make Baron Baldric tipsy (characterized by spinning and hiccuping) for a short while.

Coins can be collected to purchase spells. The higher the floor of the tower in which a spell is purchased, the more powerful the spell generally is. Note that spell "vending machines" may break after a few uses.

Treasure can also be collected to increase the player's points. Every 10,000 points is worth an extra life; Baldric can have up to 9 lives in hand at once.

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