President Elect - 1988 Edition

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How to play President Elect - 1988 Edition

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

President Elect - 1988 Edition Description

You can now play President Elect - 1988 Edition online here on Classic Reload. President Elect is a Political simulation turn-based strategy game, first released by Strategic Simulations in 1981. The puts you in control of any US presidential campaign between 1960 - 1988, in either historical or ahistorical mode. Under the "Historical" mode thr candidates, economic, foreign policy conditions, and the status of the incumbent are fixed. During an "Ahistorical" mode all those variables could be determined by the player. Gameplay centered on the activity of allocating PAPs ("Political Action Points"), which are equivalent of campaign funds. Each of the nine, week-long, post-Labor Day game turns, and there is a potential debate phase. Hit the play button to start President Elect - 1988 Edition now!

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