Quest for Glory III: Wages of War

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How to play Quest for Glory III: Wages of War

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Quest for Glory III: Wages of War Description

Just like the previous installments, this one offers three 'standard' character classes: Warrior, Magic User and Thief. However a 'hidden' class can be opened: a Paladin. In the finale of the previous game a Warrior character who has proved honorable enough is named 'Paladin' by Rakeesh, and can be imported to Quest for Glory III as such.

However, any saved character of any other class can be imported as a Paladin as well, preserving all of his skills acquired in the previous games. Such system allows to create a cross-class characters, so that Paladin for instance can use his own specific abilities along with the spells intended for Magic User without any penalties.

The Magic User character is given the opportunity to create a magical staff. While it is summoned, the player can't move and retain the staff, but the spells don't cost mana points (yet their skills don't raise either).

As for Thieves, the game's reliance on combat and tests of physical strength leave this character underdeveloped in this sequel. Furthermore, Quest for Glory III is the only game in the series to feature only a single place to steal from (Chief Laibon's hut) anywhere nor a Thieves' Guild to fence stolen goods, upgrade skills and equipment.

In a departure from the first two games, Quest for Glory III features an "overworld" screen where all important cities and landmarks are represented in miniature. While traveling from one landmark to another, time passes rapidly, and the player is prone to random encounters, most of which are hostile. The stealthy Thief character is less prone to these encounters. Some random encounters are not hostile, and others are downright silly yet nevertheless helpful in one way or another, such as the Awful Waffle Walker (meant to save the Hero from starvation), and Arne the Aardvark (possible to question for hints).

Each Quest For Glory title usually had a cameo by a comedian or a comedy team: the designers put Sanford and Son in this game, as merchants (i.e. junk dealers) in the Tarna marketplace.

It is also possible to randomly meet Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in the savannah, as French Foreign Legion soldiers.

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