Sea School

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How to play Sea School

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Sea School Description

"Sea School is a shareware instructional game intended for children aged three to seven. In a collection of straightforward mini-games with a nautical theme, it teaches numbers, the alphabet, and reading. Sea School is a three-part trilogy that can be played on Classic Reload. Each ""volume"" of the game focuses on a different subject and includes a set of five minigames. The Math Wave Volume 1 included the following minigames and was made available as shareware:

Waves: a game of counting things that wash up on the coast, such as fish and shells. The student counts them and then chooses the right answer from the options provided.

The student chooses the first seahorse from a group, which is then dropped to the ocean floor. They then have to choose the second sea horse from the following group, and so on up to number 10.

Penguins: The player is given a basic addition sum; the answer cannot be greater than ten; and they must choose the right response from the set of numbers that a bunch of penguins are holding.

Ice fishing: In this game, the player is given a basic subtraction sum and is required to choose the right response from a variety of fishing holes.
Sand Brushing: There are five numbered markings in the sand. The player strokes the outline to expose the concealed object after choosing the right number from a line at the bottom of the screen.

Each right response receives a penny. The coins fall into a treasure box at the conclusion of each round of questions, revealing the player's position. All games are animated with music and sound effects and are played with the mouse."

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