Super Solvers Treasure Galaxy

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How to play Super Solvers Treasure Galaxy

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Super Solvers Treasure Galaxy Description

The Super Solvers have been summoned to retrieve the crystal shards and save the city. The goal is to recover all of the crystals and return them to the queen's palace. This is accomplished by first capturing animated fireballs known as "sunbeams." If you correctly answer their riddles, they will assist you in decoding a cipher that must be cracked in order to obtain the crystals hidden in the satellites. Each stage will have a unique cipher that will be used to communicate with all of the satellites within it. Each of the three distinct stages has its own 4-digit passcode.

Math and critical-thinking skills will be used by children aged 5 to 9 to measure everyday objects, arrange geometric shapes, identify calendar dates, do basic fractions, and more. The difficulty of each individual puzzle category varies depending on how well the player performs with that type of puzzle. By pressing the "Play game" button, you can begin playing Super Solvers Treasure Galaxy on Classic Reload. Have fun with the game!

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Super Solvers Treasure Galaxy
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