The Faery Tale Adventure: Book I

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How to play The Faery Tale Adventure: Book I

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

The Faery Tale Adventure: Book I Description

The game's gameplay resembles that of Ultima VII (1992). At the time of its release, the game featured the largest game world yet (over 17,000 computer screens) with no loadings.

Each brother had his strengths and weaknesses—Julian is a brave fighter, Phillip has luck and cleverness, and Kevin is gentle and kind. Each of these attributes would affect vital game stats and the success of the quest:

A high Bravery score contributes to Vitality ("Vit"), the characters health. It can be increased by slaying enemies.
Luck determines the number of times a particular brother can be brought back from death if he is killed during the quest. If Luck runs out, the next brother must take up the quest.
Kindness is important for certain key chapters in the game. It can be increased by acts of kindness (such as giving alms to beggars).

The technique used to store such a huge world involved creating small-sized maps out of small shape-sized blocks. Those small maps were reused and fit together seamlessly to form larger areas. Loading was synchroneous, and would happen when nearing the boundary of an area, without affecting the smooth scrolling, animation and music. The game also featured good classical-style music tracks for the time, as well as sound effects.

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