Total Eclipse

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Press Keyboard right side: Alt+Enter keys to switch to full screen game play, and Alt+Enter keys to return.

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How to play Total Eclipse

Keyboard Controls

Move Forward O or Up Arrow
Move Back K or Down Arrow
Turn Left Q or Left Arrow
Turn Right W or Right Arrow
Look Up P
Look Down L or ;
Look Level (forward) F
U-turn (180) U
Crouch/Stand (height) H
Step Length S
Change Turning Angle A
Rest (hold down) R (calms the heart)
Draw/Replace Gun Space
Fire Gun 0 or keypad 5
Hide Crosshairs =
Interrupt Game I
Save S
Load L
Terminate ESC
Continue Space
Quit Ctrl-ESC

Total Eclipse Description



Long before the days of Tut, in the sacred temple overlooking the sweltering
sands of Egypt, lived Hahmid III, a high priest of the sun god Ra. Possessing
magical powers as great as his temper, Hahmid III was a master of black magic,
and successfully gained converts to his faith by wicked displays of wizardry.
Common twigs were converted to poisonous snakes, drinking water was churned
into blood, and rotting mummies animated into zombie-like monsters through
Hahmid;s diabolism. But the greatest wonder of all was Ardognus, The Curse of
the Sun God, which Hahmid cast upon the sacred shrine to Ra. The curse promised
that any object which might come between this place of worship and the rays of
of the sun would be utterly destroyed, its remains scattered throughout the
planet as a reminder of Ra's wrath.

Today is October 26, 1930. Many moons have passed since the ancient prophecy,
and Ardognus has all been forgotten over the centuries. However, you an
archaeologist/adventurer, still have vivid memories of your first Egyptian
expedition, when you unearthed Hahmid's Scroll of Curses from the bottom level
of the pyramid and read its frightening contents. Until today, every curse of
Hahmid's has been fulfilled precisely as prophesied...except Ardognus.

Then you read yesterday's fateful newspaper headline, TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN
OVER CAIRO! Tendrils of fear still grasp your insides with the knowledge of the
meaning of that headline. The moon, as the object coming between Ra's shrine and
the sun, will be utterly destroyed when the eclipse is full. The destruction of
the moon will produce a cataclysm of unearthly proportions, plunging
civilization into a dark age of starvation and conflict.

Based on your studies, you believe that if the shrine is destroyed before the
eclipse is complete (10:00 am), the curse cannot be fulfilled. Your self
appointed mission is to find the shrine and destroy it in time (naturally, the
payment for your services is the rich treasure you expect to find). The shrine
is located at the apex of the pyramid, most likely reached only through a series
of hidden chambers and deadly traps. Two hours remain before the eclipse is
total, due to your late arrival (a Sopwith Camel is faster than the two humped

Armed with a revolver, wristwatch, water bottle, and compass, you once again
enter this eerie graveyard of ancient kings. This will definitely be the most
memorable 120 minutes of your life. May your archaeological skills serve you

EXITING THE GAME::::Press Control and Esc.
___ ___
| |________________________________________| |
| | Ankhs treasure Current state | |
| | collected collected of eclipse | |
| |----------------------------------------| |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| |________________________________________| |
| | | |
|___| time water heart compass |___|

Total Eclipse game screen

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Total Eclipse - Cover Art DOS