War Diary

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How to play War Diary

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

War Diary Description

There are a number of actions which are necessary to take in order for the player to succeed at War Diary.
First, the player must build and manage military bases (excepting stage 11), which consist of a variety of structures. A Barracks(Korean:훈련도감) will allow the player to create Peasant (Korean:농부) and Fighter (Korean:병졸) units, and will also permit him to arm his troops with any weapons that are currently available. The Arms Works (Korean:무기제작소) lets the player create weapons for his armies, up to a maximum of six different sword, arrow (Korean:목궁), powerful cannons and ballista (Korean:화차) types. A Shipyard (Korean:조선소) will produce Transport Rafts (Korean:판옥선) and Battleships (Korean:거북선), and a Temple (Korean:절) creates Priests(Korean:승병) that are equipped with magical powers. A Blacksmith will produce units of iron, and a Guard Tower (Korean:망루) will fire arrows and projectiles at invading enemy troops. Other structures such as a Tool Works (Korean:도구제작소), Heavy Arms Works(Korean:중기제작소) and Stables (Korean:가축우리) are also available to create other types of offensive and/or defensive weaponry.

Second, the player must obtain resources in order to be able to build the structures mentioned above. Each structure has a cost in terms of money (Korean:돈), trees (Korean:나무,목재) and iron (Korean:철). Iron can be produced with a Blacksmith, trees can be felled by Peasants, and money is raised by selling other resources. Food (Korean:식량) is another resource which must either be cropped from farmland(Korean:농지) or purchased in trade.

Third, manpower must be created in the form of Peasants and Troops. Peasants are the player’s workforce, and are used to harvest the crops, chop down trees, and smelt the iron on a Blacksmith. Troops are created to be the player’s fighting force, and the basic troop can be armed with previously-built weaponry to increase the damage that troop unit can inflict upon the enemy. Eventually, a defensive shield, health-repairing ginseng (Korean:인삼), speed-increasing Suhwaja walking boots (Korean:수화자) and a dagger (Korean:비수) which increases offensive and defensive capabilities can be created, and the player’s Troops can be armed with these items to alter the unit’s original capabilities.

Gameplay is accomplished by waging a campaign which is broken up into 12 different stages. Each stage has its own goals which must be accomplished in order for the player to advance to the next stage. There are new items available to be built in each stage, and the goals and new items for each stage are described in the manual as well as printed on the screen when the player begins the stage.

In addition to managing the troops, military bases and resources, the weather and time of day are additional elements to be considered. A weather vane is displayed on the main game screen, indicating the wind direction. Rain and thunderstorms can also affect the player’s troops. A clock is also displayed which will help the player to determine the time of day, as it may be more advantageous to launch a nighttime raid as opposed to engaging in a full-frontal attack in daytime hours.

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