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Press Keyboard right side: Alt+Enter keys to switch to full screen game play, and Alt+Enter keys to return.

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How to play Worms

Keyboard controls

Note: Some keyboards have limits on how many and which buttons may be pressed simultaneously. If you find that the game does not recognize some key presses when you hold down some buttons, you may need to change your keyboard or use a key remapper.
Key Purpose
Left/Right Moves selected worm in respective direction
Shift + Left/Right Forces worm to face one direction when moving
Shift or Middle Mouse Button Speeds up mouse cursor movement in-game by a factor of 4 when used separately or by a factor of 16 when used together
Right Mouse Button Opens and closes the weapon panel
Up/Down Adjusts aim for selected weapon in respective direction
Spacebar Fires or activates selected weapon
Tab Selects next worm on team when Worm Select is active
Enter Causes selected worm to perform a forward jump
Enter, Enter Causes selected worm to perform a backjump
Backspace Causes selected worm to jump vertically
Backspace, Backspace Causes selected worm to perform a backflip
Backspace, Enter Causes selected worm to perform a backjump
Backspace, Backspace, Enter Causes selected worm to perform a small backflip (identical to backjump in all but animation)
F1 - F12 Cycle through available weapons in weapon groups when selecting a weapon

Worms Description

Play Worms online here on Classic Reload. A video game developed by British company Team17. A turn-based strategy game that a player can control a team of worms to kill the other teams either a computer or human opponent. The goal is to eliminate all the worms of the opponent and have the last surviving worms to win the game. Have fun!

Worms - additional information

Game year
Also known as
"Total Wormage" -- Working title
"ワームス" -- Japanese spelling
Cover Art
Worms  - Cover Art DOS