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Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.


Zoom is a pseudo-3D first-person computer game that is a bit like Pac-Man. It plays on a grid that you can paint by walking over it and if you paint the four edges of a square in the grid it fills in. You must fill all the squares to complete the level. Your character can move fast or slow and gets more points when moving slow. But of course this makes it easier to get caught by monsters.

The grid is a fake 3D perspective with vector graphics, the "Pac-Man" character and monsters are sprites. There are many random bonus items that have one to go to the next level now and one that kills you.

Zoom! could have been a contender, with all kinds of fancy 3D effects and a solid game concept, but character control is weak and once a stage is almost complete it becomes nearly impossible to see what tiny sections haven't been finished yet. You might want to try it anyway, because it's oh-so-close to being incredibly cool.


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