3D Hamster's Adventure

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Press Keyboard right side: Alt+Enter keys to switch to full screen game play, and Alt+Enter keys to return.

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How to play 3D Hamster's Adventure

USER Guide
You need to eat up all the fruit in each level in order to open the secret

Eat the fruit
Simply bump towards the fruit... each level has 1 kind of fruit. eg.
Demo level 1 has Apples, level 2 has big Cherrys...

Attack the monsters
Super Kick -- simply press the SPACE BAR (when you have no grenade on hand)

Strawberry Grenade -- press ENTER to pick up Strawberry Grenades on the
ground (pick up as many as you like)
-- then press SPACE BAR to throw the grenade
* Never let the grenade explode near you... you will get

Press the numeric key "1" and "2" to switch between the 2 attack modes.

Energy Biscuit -- there are energy biscuits on the ground. Press ENTER to
pick it up in order to recover...

* You can pick up as many biscuits as you like. To use the biscuits in your
"inventory", press the "S" key, then use arrow keys to select, and press
ENTER to take it out and use it.

Jump -- press the "J" key PAUSE -- "P" key Hint -- "F1" key

3D Hamster's Adventure Description

A 3D game like the format of Wolf3d but you are a Hamster that collects fruit.

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