Jungledyret - (Jungle Jack)

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How to play Jungledyret - (Jungle Jack)

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Jungledyret - (Jungle Jack) Description

Striking Quality drawing cartoon platformer published a limited edition in Denmark (and nowhere else).

Your hero - Jack, a kind of ape-like creature, is the most rare and valuable animals of the jungle, for a very nice and reasonable. And a rich man starts to hunt for him - of course, with a bunch of cronies.

Gameplay - cartoon platformer with lots of well-drawn, vivid and not similar one to another screen, the action will take place in the jungle, and in the city, will surprise even the story.

More to say, in general, nothing - except to mention that you can play together on one computer, and the game really looks like a great and a good cartoon. This thing - fantastic rarity, so fans of the genre should pay attention to it.

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