Prehistoric Isle 2

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How to play Prehistoric Isle 2

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.Prehistoric Isle is a horizontal 2D side-scrolling game, and player can move their helicopter both backwards and forwards on the screen. On the start screen, player must choose between two characters. In a two player game, where two players operate each of the planes and fight together against the dinosaurs, each player chooses a character and controls their own plane. When one of the planes is destroyed, the game ends for both of the players.

To move the plane forward and backwards on the screen, press the right and left arrow keys. The normal weaponry is activated with the CTRL button while the advanced guns are activated by the ALT button key. The helicopters can also move upwards and downwards on the screen by pressing the up and down arrow keys respectively.

For the most part of the game, the weapon system is enough to conquer the creatures. Until the end of the last 3 levels where the bosses are harder to take down. These levels require certain strategies which can be mastered after a few tries. But whatever your strategy is, be sure to have lots of rockets, cannon and bombs loaded up for these mighty beasts.

Prehistoric Isle 2 Description

Prehistoric Isle 2 is an adventure sequel published by SNK by 1999. The arcade version was a joint project created by both by Yumekobo Ltd. and Saurus Co, Ltd. SNK Corporations is a Japanese video game company known for publishing popular game hardware called NatGeo Family. The company began as an arcade game hardware manufacturer and software developer and publisher. Later on, it ventured into mobile and PC games publishing after it was acquired by Playmore Corporation and renamed SNK Playmore Corporation. In 2016, the company re-established its former brand name and dropped the Playmore to be known once again as SNK. Presently, SNK is still fully operational and still in the business of video game consoles. A couple of arcade games by this company are Sky Adventure, Chopper I, Gold Medalist, Country Club and Mechanized Attack.

Unlike the prequel which was set in a prehistoric island, this sequel takes us into the future. There has been a massive attack on the planet and hostile animals such as Dinosaurs and strange insects have taken over. The player must choose a character and fly their high-tech planes on a mission to control the situation and rescue civilians. The planes are armed with advanced weapon system and they can be upgraded with power-ups collected during the game. Released 10 years after the prequel (Genshi-Tou 1930) was created, Prehistoric Isle came with the same background story but an advanced graphics, gameplay and more characters. The game is set in a futuristic world where the player flies a helicopter around the city and must fight against dinosaurs. The player fights side by side another helicopter which imitates the moves made by the player. The helicopters may look the same but the player’s plane is more advanced. The weaponry on the player’s plane can shoot more advanced bombs and cannon.

On this 12-level mission, the player will encounter dinosaurs in different forms, just like the prequel. There are huge and small flying creatures, which can attack from different angles. Player must fire at them on sight as they can fly into any of the planes and crash it. There are also crawling creatures that stay on the ground and the swimming creatures found in the water. Most dinosaurs do not fire at the player, except the boss creatures at the end of each level. The boss dinosaurs are bigger, stronger and more difficult to eliminate. Only advanced weaponry can destroy these hostiles and before they appear on the screen, player gets a warning.

There are civilians to rescue and at the end of each round, a flying vessel appears on screen to convey civilians from a wrecked train. While the hostages run into the vessel for safety, the player must protect them by shooting attacking dinosaurs furiously. The rescue vessel has a limit which is less than what can carry the civilians, the rest of the civilians must then be conveyed by the player’s plane. The subsequent mission is carried out with the two civilians hanging from the player’s plane, however, dinosaurs will aim to yank them off. Player must protect them at all cost by using all weapons necessary.

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