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How to play Sky Adventure

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.Before you start each level, you are required to choose a player mode and select your aircraft. To select one-player mode press key 1, for a two-player mode, press key 2. To select an aircraft, use the four arrow keys or your mouse to navigate through the options and press the enter key.

You can fly your aircraft to any part of the screen while the screen scrolls continuously to reveal approaching enemy aircraft. Use the four arrow keys to move your plane and evade enemy fire and planes coming towards you. To fire projectiles at monsters and enemy aircraft, use the CTRL button continuously. The ALT key activates bombs and dislodges missiles vertically towards assaulting aircraft. While you can run out of three-way projectiles, bombs and advanced missiles, your default one-line projectiles still remains.

Sky Adventure Description

Sky Adventure is a vertical shooter game designed and published by SNK in 1989. SNK Corporations is a Japanese video game company known for publishing popular game hardware called NatGeo Family. The company began as an arcade game hardware manufacturer and software developer and publisher. Later on, it ventured into mobile and PC games publishing after it was acquired by Playmore Corporation and renamed SNK Playmore Corporation. In 2016, the company re-established its former brand name and dropped the Playmore to be known once again as SNK. Presently, SNK is still fully operational and still in the business of video game consoles. A couple of arcade games by this company are Sky Adventure, Chopper I, Gold Medalist, Country Club and Mechanized Attack.

A group of explorers have been on a mission to explore a prehistoric jungle. During the exploration, they were suddenly attacked by a mysterious troop led by Colonel Claud. Colonel leads an underground organization, their current mission is to eliminate the group of explorers which you part of. Choose your spacecraft and join the mission to fight against the Generalissimo and his dangerous troop before they destroy you.

Fly your plane over a series of prehistoric terrains while using your inbuilt weapon system against several enemy aircraft and armour tanks on your way to destroy the enemy himself. Asides the aircraft and armour tanks that shoot at you, you are to battle strange creatures and dinosaurs during your mission. Your plane is armed with an unlimited weapon system which you can upgrade when you collect power-ups as you navigate the sky. These power-ups increase the range and potency of your weapon so that your armoury is strong enough to battle the bosses in each level. When all enemy aircraft and tanks have been destroyed in each level, you can then proceed to the next level which comes with more hostiles than the previous one.

Your plane can fire one line projectiles in default mode, however, when your weapon system is upgraded, it can dislodge 3 missiles which can target enemy planes and blast them off. Other upgrade features allow your plane to fire projectiles forwards and backwards vertically, fire four line projectiles forwards vertically, and black four-line missiles.

You start each game with two extra lives. Each time you get hit by enemy fire, you lose a life. When all extra lives are exhausted, you start the game from the beginning. As you play, the screen displays your score, energy level and the seconds you have spent in each game. The sooner you clear a level, the more points the game adds to your score. Each level comes with a unique landscape and characters, however, the gameplay and most of the rules stays the same. The more you advance in the game, the more strange creatures you get to fight.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Sky Adventure

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