Aero Fighters Special

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How to play Aero Fighters Special

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Aero Fighters Special Description

Aero Fighters Special (Sonic Wings Limited in Japan) is a vertically scrolling coin-op shooter. Aero Fighters, Aero Fighters 2, and Aero Fighters 3's stages, aesthetics, and many other elements are altered from the original coin-op game.

Fata Morgana, a shadowy organization, is working on a weapon capable of killing or hurting two-thirds of the world's population. To confront Fata Morgana's wicked deeds, a super-national group of combat experts from all over the world known as Project Blue has been formed. Sonic Wings Special is an improved and expanded port of Sonic Wings. Have fun and enjoy the Aero Fighters Special on Classic Reload.

(CONTROLS: Press 5 to insert a coin or credit, and Alt or Ctrl to select.)

Aero Fighters Special - additional information

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Aero Fighters Special
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