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How to play BassTour

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

BassTour Description

BassTour is, as the name infers, an angling amusement. It is by Richard Olsen who created Bass Class and BassDuel, In all BassTour will bolster up to fifty unique lakes which were accessible for buy as isolated items. Nels Anderson who is recorded among the credits, likewise created BassMap, a shareware utility that could be utilized to make new lake maps

BassTour has three levels of trouble Novice, Intermediate, and Pro together with a practice mode. In the amusement the question is to get however many fish as would be prudent in a three day competition with the best weight winning the match. The player angles for a six hour session every day, in diversion time not continuous, and all gets must be said something before the end of the day, inability to say something implies no credit for all that work. What's more the players must deal with their fuel and battery energy to guarantee they are not left stranded on the lake and select the right pole and goad for nature.

To help the angler/lady they are given a vessel which is outfitted with an engine, settled measure of fuel, graph recorder, pole and fishing supply bags and so on. The player can angle in six distinct lakes in the fundamental adaptation of the diversion and the PC puts the fish in sensible areas relying upon the lake's geography. The amusement likewise highlights a cited thirty "of the top names in bass competition angling" as rivals.

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