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How to play Blaster

1 Player Start 1
2 Players Start 2
Coin 1 5
Coin 2 6
Coin 3 7
Tilt T
P1 Button 1 LCONTROL or Mouse B1
P1 Button 2 LALT or Mouse B3
P1 Button 3 SPACE or Mouse B2
AD Stick X Analog Mouse X
AD Stick X Analog Dec LEFT
AD Stick X Analog Inc RIGHT
AD Stick Y Analog Mouse Y
AD Stick Y Analog Dec UP
AD Stick Y Analog Inc DOWN
Auto Up F1
Hight Score Reset 8
Advance F2

Blaster Description

A year after the events of Robotron: 2084, the Robotrons have won. They have destroyed the human race. You, the sole survivor, have stolen a space shuttle and make your escape towards Paradise, a remote output 20 million light years away. You don't even know if it's real, but you prefer to take a chance that it is.In Blaster, you control the space shuttle through flight simulator first person gameplay as you make your escape towards Paradise. You only have a simple blaster to defend yourself against the waves of incoming enemies, and a thrust to help you speed past them. Unfortunately, your ship can only withstand two hits before being destroyed. Luckily for you, your ship's energy is restored by blasting a gigantic E symbol while playing.The game features 20 waves, each one featuring different enemies. The stages vary between Robot Grid waves (featuring robots), Planetoid waves (outer space), Vampire waves (flying enemies) and Saucerland waves (space ships), Time Tunnels (where there are no enemies, but you can pick up astronauts for bonus points), and Cat World (more flying enemies) waves. You get points by destroying enemies, or if you manage to destroy an entire group of them you will get bonus points. Enemies can come right at you, or from behind you. They will try to destroy you by ramming into you or firing projectiles, which you can also destroy with your blaster.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Blaster

Wait for the screen to fully load. Press 1 for player 1, press 2 for player 2. Press space bar to start. Press Ctrl to fire. Press left arrow to move left, right arrow to move right, down arrow to move up, and down arrow to move up.

Blaster - additional information

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