Cisco Heat - All American Police Car Race

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Cisco Heat: All American Police Car Race or more commonly Cisco Heat is a type of video game driving simulator set in the city of San Francisco (hence the name) developed by Jaleco in 1990 in the version Arcade (with special livery cab with the police, in single or double version) and then converted to different era systems. The innovation is that it was competing against American police cars, instead of the usual anonymous machine, the working horn and turns to at grade crossings to be taken at full speed. Some real ones modeled locations in the city like the Golden Gate Bridge , the Coit Tower and Pier 39 .

The game is the classic race at checkpoints, to be achieved within a given time otherwise the game over. During the race you can meet contradiction vehicles, dangerous descents, trams , tight corners and even car transporters in dangerous transit. Using the horn civilian cars moving by giving road. Also includes two speed gearbox.


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