Tomarc the Barbarian

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ColecoVision is mapped to use the number keypad on a full keyboard. If you don't have access to a keypad, you can press the TAB key and there is a menu that has options to change settings including remapping the keys. The default key mapping is in the chart bellow:

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How to play Tomarc the Barbarian

Each game uses different controls, Games can a combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Tomarc the Barbarian Description

In Tomarc the Barbarian Senta is being held captive in a magical cage, and Tomarc needs to rescue her! In this action game you will control both Tomarc and Senta simultaneously. Tomarc is lost in a series of caves somewhere searching for his magic sword, and then must locate Senta to set her free. Deadly rats and other dangers must be avoided as you run and jump around the caves. Meanwhile, Senta must defend herself from giant bats and other creatures while trapped in the cage; although she can't move, she is capable of firing magic at enemies to destroy them. You are able to switch screens between the two characters to select which character to control. Listening to the sound effects can help you determine when the other character is in trouble and you should switch screens.

Tomarc the Barbarian - additional information

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Also known as
"Tomarc" -- Atari 2600 + Commodore 64 + VIC-20 in-game title
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Tomarc the Barbarian - ColecoVision Cover Art