Bob Winner

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How to play Bob Winner

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Bob Winner Description

Bob Winner is an action-adventure game developed by Loriciels .

The player embodies an android in search of missing civilization.

The character controlled by the player must advance by avoiding various obstacles (wasps, stones, barrels, swamps, etc.) and pick up the six objects that will make it progress in the adventure.

Using a shoe, a boxing glove and a pistol will allow him to face a practitioner of the savate , then a boxer , and finally a cowboy. Three keys, obtained by triumphing over the opponents mentioned above, will allow him to enter the final room, a pre-Columbian temple where the player will have to answer correctly four questions of logic.
The graphics were impressive for the time 2 .
On Amstrad CPC , the game operates in "mode 1" 3 , limited to four colors but offering in return a resolution of 320 × 200 pixels.
The DOS version of the game works in CGA or EGA (which offers better rendering); Bob Winner was one of the first games to support the EGA mode; Because of a choice of colors limited to the sixteen colors of the text mode, the contrast was a little worse than on Amstrad CPC.

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