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How to play Ragnarok

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Ragnarok Description

Ragnarok is a Rogue-like computer game created by Norsehelm Productions, also going by the name "Valhalla". It is distinct from many other rogue-likes in having a graphical interface, a historical\mythological setting, set quests, the ability to change classes, and the ability to permanently change one's race.

The game consists of six 'quests' based on Norse mythology. They are:

1. Free Balder's Soul
2. Locate and Return Mjollnir to Thor
3. Locate and Return Gjall to Heimdall
4. Locate and Return Mimming to Freyr
5. Locate and Return Gungnir to Odin
6. Find a Manner for Tyr to Fight with One Arm
Character Development

Character development is one of the chief draws of Ragnarok/Valhalla. Throughout the game, the player may change forms, to obtain the powers and abilities of almost any monster in the game. The player can also modify his own body, changing the number of fingers and eyes, and the gender of the character. The player also has the option of changing his class every ten levels, and can gain powers, skills, abilities and permanent status effects. Therefore, it is quite possible to begin the game as a male sage, and end the game as a lycanthropic female Fire Giant conjurer with 14 fingers, 3 eyes, and the ability to shoot laser beams from her eyes.
Mythological Precedent

Ragnarok is firmly set within the bounds of Norse mythology, with many of the gods, realms, items, and quests drawing directly from it. A few of these present in the game are:

Thor, god, god of thunder
Jormundgand, god, the world serpent
Loki, god, mischevious troublemaker
Balder, god, fair god murdered by Loki
Hela, god, queen of Nifleim
Mjollnir, object, Thor's hammer
Gungnir, object, Odin's spear
Mimming, object, Freyr's sword
Gjall, object, Heimdall's Horn
Belt of Power, object, Thor's belt of strength
Skidbladnir, object, a boat belonging to the gods
Ravens, benevolent monster, messengers of Odin
Nidhogg, monster, a dragon-like being who chews on the roots of Yggdrasil
Dwarves, monsters, mythological smiths
Giants, monsters, Ymir's kin
Midgard, location, realm of men
Nifleim, location, realm of the dead

Class System

In the beginning of the game, the player must choose a character class. These classes all have intrinsic statistics. At level ten, the player "masters" a class, and gains all the skills that the class can use. The player can then choose a new class to learn. There are six classes:

Viking - a physically strong character who gains the weaponmaster ability.
Blacksmith - a physically powerful character who gains the ability to work metals into weapons and armor.
Ranger - a moderately powerful character, who learns to make arrows from trees, and to tame lesser monsters.
Conjurer - a physically weak character who learns to cast spells.
Alchemist - a physically weak character who learns to mix potions.
Sage - a physically weak character who learns to write scrolls.

Since the players physical strength and classes can be altered throughout the game, many players see class as a decision with little real consequence.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Ragnarok

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Ragnarok - additional information

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