Strike Commander

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How to play Strike Commander

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Strike Commander Description

Strike Commander is a flight sim computer game for MS-DOS released in 1993 by the now defunct Origin Systems and was designed by Chris Roberts.

The game takes place in a fictional near-future in the year 2011 where significant political changes have occurred in the world. It revolves around a group of crack mercenary fighter pilots based in Turkey who fly F-16's. The player accepts missions from interesting characters and gets paid for doing them which allows the player to buy more weapons. The missions involve flying an F-16 and, in the last missions of the game, the more advanced F-22, and accomplishing certain objectives.

Strike Commander featured 3D graphics including texture mapping, which were impressive at the time it was released and had an interesting plot and cut-scenes similar in style to Origin's earlier Wing Commander games. The game has been called Privateer on Earth, due to the commercializing structure of the game.

Strike Commander - additional information

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"ストライクコマンダー" -- Japanese spelling
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Strike Commander  - Cover Art DOS