Wall Pipe

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How to play Wall Pipe

Each game uses different controls, Games can a combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Wall Pipe Description

Wall Pipe is a real-time puzzle game where you need to lead flowing water through a series of pipes. On each screen is a water source, and a number of pipe parts queued up for you to build the pipeline with, by picking the first pipe-part in the queue, using your mouse, and placing it where you want. Some planning ahead is possible, as the next three queued parts are visible. There is a 40 second delay after the level starts until the water flows, during which time you can try to build the longest pipe from the available parts. It is not possible to turn the parts around to fit the connection, unlike e.g. Tetris, nor can you see the part you have in your hand, so you must remember the shape, once it's removed from the queue.

Once the water starts flowing it's a race against time, as the water flows faster than you can place the pipes. When the water cannot flow through the pipes, or you run out of connectable pipes, the game ends. Sometimes the screen has a dedicated outlet to which you need to connect your pipes in order to win.

You get points for the amount of parts used, and for 'loops' in the pipeline, which are possible through interconnection pipes. You lose points for placing pipe parts that don't hold any water at the end of the round, except in a bonus round. If you manage to get enough (or any) points, there is a high-score list where you can inscribe your initials for posterity.

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