Commander Keen: Zoltan's Revenge

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How to play Commander Keen: Zoltan's Revenge

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Commander Keen: Zoltan's Revenge Description

Zoltan's Revenge, also called Shadow Keen 4, is a Keen 4 mod by Levellass. A demo was first released for Andrew Durdin's Keen 4 Mini Mod contest, in which it won first place. A second demo was released on August 23, 2009. The final, complete version was released in 2012.

Level List

Keen explores Lira
Keen takes a good, long look at Buena Vista
Keen spelunks into Crystal Cave
Keen hikes through the Dark Forest
Keen attacks Defense Post One
Keen is attracted to the NMR Facility
Keen plays in the Video Game Spike Factory
Keen accelerates in Muon Forest
Keen sets Defense Post Two ablaze
Keen gleams in the Diamond Mines
Ice in a volcano? That's Freezer Burn!
Keen watches as everything goes Down the Drain
Keen just can't get through the Pyramid of the Impossible
Keen boldly ventures into Zoltan's Volcano Base
Keen wanders through the Forest Glen
Keen explores the Forest Vale
Look out Keen! It's an Airship Attack!

Commander Keen: Zoltan's Revenge - additional information

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Shadow keen 4
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