Fatty Bears Birthday Surprise

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In this game, Kayla is having her birthday tomorrow and it's time for her to go to bed, While she sleeps, her toys and stuffed animals come to life to prepare for her party. Fatty Bear searches through the house looking for ingredients with which to bake a cake. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as Fatty Bear thought - he had planned on baking the cake, but in the kitchen was a mysterious package. When he curiously inspects it, a small brown puppy pops out of it and promptly runs away, tearing the ribbon on the box.

After that, Fatty Bear helps others by finding the letters for the "Happy Birthday" sign and setting up for Kayla's party. Fatty Bear jumps into Kayla's bed before she wakes up. Kayla was surprised to see that her room is beautiful, she thanks Fatty Bear for the surprise and gives a big hug for him.

Fatty Bear is a teddy bear that belongs to a young girl named Kayla on her birthday. Fatty is Kayla's favorite toy. He is a plain brown bear with black button eyes, wearing a red pair of overalls with a single strap broken partly on the right-side and plain light colored shoes.

Fatty Bear has only starred in one game, but has also appeared multiple times since then.


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Fatty Bears Birthday Surprise - Cover Art

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