Metal Marines

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How to play Metal Marines

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Metal Marines Description

The PC and SNES versions of the game feature a number of minor gameplay differences. The most important difference between versions is the plot.

In the PC version the player controls a member of the "United Earth Empire" ("Empire" in short) a futuristic version of United Nations. Although it's called "Empire," the organization is not a dictatorial government. However, the adversarial Zorgeuf's force is. After conquering all space colonies, Zorgeuf sets his eyes on Earth and the player must take up arms to protect the planet.

In the SNES version the player controls a member of the "Space Colonies Allied Forces", an alliance formed by the independent space colonies. The primary mission is to take the battle to the Earth, which is currently in the grip of Zorgeuf's empire. The goal is to save the humans living on Earth who are being oppressed by Zorgeuf while securing the future of Space Colonies.

A special "Master Edition" of the game was released by Namco and Mindscape for PCs in 1995. In the Master Edition the characters were given voices, the overall look of the GUI changed, and the game featured better sound and warning effects.

Metal Marines - additional information

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"Militia" -- Japanese Title
"ミリティア" -- Japanese spelling
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Metal Marines - Windows 3.1 Cover Art