Fray Simon Full Version Online

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How to play Fray Simon Full Version Online

Q - Up, jump
A - Down, crouch
O - Left
P - Right
Z - Select object
Z + Q - Pick an object near Fray Simón
Z + A - Leave the selected object
1 - Enter through a door or cave
Space - Use the selected object
A + 1 - Enter through a trap door in the floor

Fray Simon Full Version Online Description

Play Fray Simon online here on Classic Reload! Fray Simon is an adventure game about the unique adventure and feat of Friar Simon. His cemetery was invaded by a perverse presence that has brought back to life mummies and skeletons with extremely bad intentions and his goal is to free his cemetery and the local souls and let them rest again. Play Fray Simon and enjoy the adventure!

Fray Simon Full Version Online - additional information

Also known as
Fray Simon
Cover Art

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