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How to play Frogs

You can play Frogs on your home video game consoles like Playstation Network, Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Live Marketplace, PC (Steam, Origin), or mobile Store (Play Store, Apple Store). To play Frogs, you just have to make the frog jump and continuously control its movement from right to left, in other to catch bugs flying over its head. On the ‘coin-op’ game cabinet, there is a joystick responsible for moving the frog sideways and a red button that makes it jump and brings out its tongue. The arrow keys on the keyboard substitute the joystick, and the ALT key makes the frog leap when playing on an internet enabled computer.
To earn more points, you have to aim at the bugs with the most points. The houseflies and dragonflies are the main prizes here. It makes the predator leap while targeting a bug. Although the bug may change its position, another one may take its position and the frog can catch it. Catching a dragonfly gives a free game round, and getting more of it will help extend gameplay and gain more scores. The dragonfly appear on the screen making a loud buzzing sound but it is quite harder to catch than all the other insects. When you catch the dragonfly, the screen will be paused for a few seconds to notify you about the free play you have earned and the game continues. To start your free game round, push the tongue button or ALT.
If you are playing the game on the monochrome background, the lily pad is not included in the graphic design, therefore the possibility of the frog jumping off the lily pads and falling into the water often is very high. This is because the basic graphics design does not show many of the original features present in the arcade game machine.

Frogs Description

Frogs is an action video game designed and published in 1978 by Sega-Gremlin. Although its title is similar to Frogger, which is also a game distributed by the same company, the two share no particular features. A few years after Sega-Gremlin’s original idea of Frogs was released, a couple of video game companies followed suit and developed cloned versions of the game. In 1982, Mattel Electronics developed Frogs and Flies and it was published on the Atari 2600 home video game console. Frogs and Flies was later renamed Frog Bog and it was released on the Intellivsion console also in 1982. Twelve System released another Frogs clone in 2005 and it was named Frog Feast.
It is the first arcade game to feature a jumping character, as it is a frog that leaps frequently in order to catch insects with its tongues. You are required to control the jumping amphibian, and the main objective is to catch as many insects as possible. When playing the game you will encounter three types of insects, a butterfly that earns you 100 points when caught by the frog, a housefly that is worth up to 500 points, and a dragonfly that gives you an extra round of play. All these insect randomly flies across the screen, some inches above the frog which is crouching on a lily pad. Sometimes they fly higher but always within frog’s reach. When the frog falls off the lily pads and lands in the water, some seconds are lost in the game but nothing fatal happens to it and the game continues.
Frogs is a timed game, which means that you can only play one level but the game can only be extended when you get a free play. You can earn a free play by catching a dragonfly, as earlier stated. Scores are calculated by the number of insects caught during the game. You can only beat your previous high scores by catching more preys. The game only accommodates one player at a time and offers a horizontal screen layout with a side view perspective. On the top of the screen, your score, time left and the top score previously earned are displayed.
For the graphics, Frogs offers two backgrounds that you are likely to come across. On the original ‘coin-op’ arcade, a static picture of a mini pond with lily pads, grass, and trees are projected on to the monitor by using a mirror stationed in the game cabinet. This was a smart way to incorporate more realistic colours into the background of an arcade game, as at the time the game was produced. The colours added, really makes the game quite animating to play. When playing on the internet, you are more likely to find a monochrome screen. The characters and gameplay remain the same, but the screen is pitch black with the frog, insects, time, and scores displayed in white colour.
As for sound effects, the background noise is the frog making squeaky sounds as it leaps. Other sounds that can be heard are the constant buzzing of insects (especially the houseflies and dragonflies) and the occasional croaks from the frog. All of these sounds combined with the graphic presentation of the game, give off a very good impression of a pond.
Frogs is a non-violent and easy-to-play video game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Even though the title suggests that there are many frogs, there is actually only one frog present in the game. Playing this game is entertaining to an extent, that is, if you are looking forward to playing a relaxing game that demands little strategy. However, a prevalent flaw in this game is the frog’s inability to change direction mid-air. This would have made it easier to control the frog since the insects are constantly flying in different directions. As a sort of compensation, it is comforting to know that the frog cannot be eaten or killed by any other character as it is the sole predator present in the game.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Frogs

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