Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast

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Beauty & The Beast: Roar of the Beast is the title of a side-scrolling video game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. The game is based on the Disney film of the same name, and was one of two games based on the film released for the Sega Genesis, the other game being Beauty & The Beast: Belle's Quest both of which were produced by Sunsoft and released in 1993.

As the Beast, the player must successfully complete several levels, based on scenes from the film, in order to protect the castle from invading villagers and forest animals and rescue Belle from the evil Gaston. Intermission screen shots between each level help to move the story along as do mini-games.

The Beast can crouch, jump, swing you fists and use a special roar attack that will freeze the on-screen enemies for a brief period of time. You can sometimes locate items within a level to restore some of your health and the game gives you unlimited continues, but the game was often described as a high difficulty level.

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SEGA Genesis
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Sun Corporation of America
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Software Creations Ltd.
Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast   - Cover Art Sega Genesis

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