Hit the Ice: The Video Hockey League

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How to play Hit the Ice: The Video Hockey League

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Hit the Ice: The Video Hockey League Description

Hit the Ice is an ice hockey video game released by Williams in 1991 then by Taito in 1993 for the home consoles. It was said to be the hockey version of Midway's "Arch Rivals". The games is not like any other hockey arcade game out there because instead of having 6 players on at a time (Like Konami's Blades of Steel) this game only had 3 (one Forward one defense man and a goalie)

The Games players where a bit different instead of being normal sized the players looked more like Football players with huge equipment. The games players have an older look to them. So some players look like they played in the 1950's-1970's

In the Arcade version there where only two teams Red and Blue and the player picked what players they wanted on there team but when Taito released it for the home consoles more teams where added and players where assigned to the teams so it would cut down time to get to the game. But on the SNES the colors where also give city names there 6 different city teams Montreal Reds, New York Blues, L.A. Yellows, Toronto White, Chicago Orange and Minneapolis Green.
"Heres the Face off" would be said before the puck was dropped (Arcade).

Since the game was "The Hockey version of Arch Rivals" there where no rules so players had special moves that are illegal moves in real hockey so slashing, Tripping, Elbowing there was even a player that kicked his opponents in the Groin. Fights would all ways break out when a player lost a fight they wouldn't go to the penalty box they would become sluggish for a bit but then would go back to normal and there picture at the top will show damages. If the player lost 3 or 4 fights in one period they would be injured and would leave the game. But other than that the games was still a shoot and score type of game.

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