How to save DOS games

This was written by a fan:

1) Turn off adblock.
2) Turn off private browsing.
3) Allow Firefox/Chrome to remember history (from tools/ options)
4) Login to
5) Save your awesome accomplishment in your awesome game.
6) Backup your awesome. (from classicreload save button)
7) Grab that backup you just made (from tools/ downloads in firefox/chrome)
8) Drag that backup from the 'download' popup window over to your desktop. (it's in that tools/ downloads popup)
9) Rename that file by adding yourself a number to that them there filename.
10) Go and do that real life stuff you have to do.

The later on.. when you've got time to play some more:

1) Find the most recent/ highest numbered save file. (I keep mine on a desktop folder with the games name on it)
2) Copy and paste that file to your desktop.
3) Rename the file back to what it was without your identify number.
4) Log into your classic reload account.
5) Enjoy the ads.
6) Launch your awesome game.
7) Hit that restore button.
8) In your awesome game go to its 'load saved game' part of their whole setup.
9) Load your save.
10) Make more awesome accomplishments.

By Agni


Royoku's picture

When I try c:\ it asks me to insert disk.
Is there a specific directory I should point it to? Thanks.

By Royoku

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