Inindo: Way of the Ninja

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How to play Inindo: Way of the Ninja

  • Start your journey: Create your ninja character and begin your quest in a small village.
  • Explore the world: Travel to different towns, dungeons, and landscapes to gather resources and allies.
  • Engage in combat: Use turn-based tactics to defeat enemies, utilizing various weapons and ninja skills.
  • Recruit allies: Meet and persuade other characters to join your quest, each with unique abilities.
  • Complete quests: Follow the main storyline and undertake side missions to gain experience and items.
  • Develop your character: Improve your ninja’s stats, skills, and equipment to become a formidable warrior.

Inindo: Way of the Ninja Description

"Inindo: Way of the Ninja" is a captivating RPG released in 1993 for DOS by Koei. Set in feudal Japan, the game follows the journey of a young ninja who seeks to avenge the destruction of his village by the ruthless warlord Oda Nobunaga. As the protagonist, players must navigate through a richly detailed world filled with danger, intrigue, and mystery.

In "Inindo: Way of the Ninja," players will explore a variety of towns, dungeons, and landscapes while recruiting allies, gathering intelligence, and enhancing their combat skills. The game stands out for its intricate storyline, combining historical events with elements of fantasy, and a compelling top-down perspective that provides a strategic overview of the surroundings.

The gameplay involves turn-based combat, character customization, and strategic planning, making it essential to develop the ninja's abilities and equipment. Players will find themselves deeply immersed in the political and social intricacies of the era, all while battling enemies and striving to thwart Nobunaga's ambitions.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Inindo: Way of the Ninja

Save frequently: The game can be challenging, and frequent saves can prevent loss of progress. Balance your team: Recruit a diverse group of allies with different strengths to cover all combat scenarios. Manage resources wisely: Keep an eye on your inventory and manage your supplies to ensure you’re always prepared for battles. Study enemy patterns: Learn the attack patterns of your enemies to effectively counter them in combat. Use terrain to your advantage: Leverage the environment during battles to gain strategic benefits.

Inindo: Way of the Ninja - additional information

Game year
Developed by
Also known as
Inindo: Datou Nobunaga
Super Inindo: Datou Nobunaga
スーパー伊忍道:打倒信長, 伊忍道
Cover Art

Introduction to Inindo: Way of the Ninja

"Inindo: Way of the Ninja" is a captivating role-playing game (RPG) developed by Koei, released in 1993 for DOS. Set in Japan during the Sengoku period, this game uniquely combines historical events with engaging fantasy elements, providing players with a rich and immersive experience. The gameplay revolves around strategic planning, character development, and tactical combat, making it a must-play for fans of classic RPGs.

Storyline and Setting

The game is set in 1582, a turbulent time in Japanese history when warlords vied for power and control. Players assume the role of an aspiring ninja from the Iga clan, whose mission is to seek revenge against the powerful warlord Oda Nobunaga, responsible for the destruction of the ninja's village. The journey to defeat Nobunaga is fraught with challenges, requiring players to navigate political intrigue, form alliances, and hone their ninja skills.

Gameplay Mechanics

Exploration and Quests

In "Inindo: Way of the Ninja," exploration plays a significant role. Players traverse a variety of landscapes, from dense forests to bustling towns, each filled with quests, hidden items, and potential allies. The open-world nature of the game allows for a non-linear progression, giving players the freedom to choose their path and strategy.

Character Development

The game features a robust character development system. Players can customize their ninja by learning new skills, improving attributes, and acquiring better equipment. Training in dojos, completing quests, and winning battles all contribute to the character's growth. Balancing skill improvement with strategic planning is key to overcoming the game's challenges.

Combat System

Combat in "Inindo: Way of the Ninja" is turn-based, requiring tactical thinking and careful planning. Players must consider their enemies' strengths and weaknesses, utilize the environment, and deploy a variety of ninja techniques to gain the upper hand. The diverse range of enemies, from rival ninjas to mythical creatures, ensures that combat remains engaging and challenging throughout the game.

Visuals and Audio


For its time, "Inindo: Way of the Ninja" boasts impressive graphics. The detailed sprites and vibrant environments enhance the immersion, bringing the Sengoku period to life. The character designs are distinct and reflect the historical and cultural setting of the game.


The game's soundtrack is another standout feature. Composed of traditional Japanese instruments and melodies, the music perfectly complements the game's setting and mood. The sound effects, from the clash of swords to the serene sounds of nature, further enhance the immersive experience.

Cultural Impact and Legacy

"Inindo: Way of the Ninja" is not just a game; it's a journey through a significant period in Japanese history. The blend of historical accuracy with engaging fantasy elements has made it a memorable title among RPG enthusiasts. While it may not have achieved the same level of fame as some of its contemporaries, its unique approach to storytelling and gameplay has earned it a dedicated fanbase.

Similar Games

For those who enjoyed "Inindo: Way of the Ninja," several other games offer similar experiences:

1. "Nobunaga's Ambition" Series

Also developed by Koei, this series focuses more on the strategic and political aspects of the Sengoku period. Players take on the role of a daimyo, managing resources, forging alliances, and engaging in battles to unify Japan.

2. "Shinobi" Series

For a more action-oriented ninja experience, the "Shinobi" series provides fast-paced gameplay with challenging platforming and combat sequences.

3. "Tenchu: Stealth Assassins"

This game emphasizes stealth and strategy, allowing players to control a ninja on various missions requiring precision and tactical planning.

4. "Way of the Samurai"

Set in the late Edo period, this game combines action, exploration, and decision-making, where players' choices significantly impact the storyline and outcomes.

"Inindo: Way of the Ninja" remains a classic example of early 90s RPGs, blending historical intrigue with engaging gameplay. Its detailed character development, strategic combat, and rich storyline provide an experience that stands the test of time. Whether you are a fan of historical games or classic RPGs, "Inindo: Way of the Ninja" offers a unique and rewarding journey into the world of ninjas and samurais.

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