Jack Rabbit

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How to play Jack Rabbit

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Jack Rabbit Description

Jack Rabbit is an engaging game that takes you through three unique stages of adventure.

In the first stage, you find yourself outside Jack's house. Your goal is to collect all the carrots while carefully avoiding treacherous pits, bombs, and cunning weasels.

Moving on to the second stage, you'll navigate a scrolling desert landscape. Here, your agility will be put to the test as you dodge not only pits and weasels but also slithering snakes and prickly cacti. Keep an eye out for apples along the way, which grant you valuable bonus points. To clear this stage, reach the carrot waiting at the end of the course. Remember, it's not necessary to collect every carrot scattered throughout.

Stage three transports you to the tropical setting, where you'll leap from level to level. Beware of the relentless weasels and falling coconuts as you maneuver through this challenging stage. Take advantage of wraparound points to your advantage, but be cautious as the weasels can utilize tunnels inaccessible to you. To successfully clear this stage, gather all the carrots. Upon completing stage three, the game returns to stage one, but with an increased number of carrots to collect.

Jack possesses an extraordinary ability to leap two squares at a time by holding the Jump button while moving. This enables him to scale higher levels and adds a strategic element to the gameplay. However, be mindful that encountering weasels, bombs, snakes, cacti, or falling into pits will cost Jack a life. Upon clearing a stage, you'll be rewarded with a generous 10,000-point bonus.

Get ready to experience the thrilling adventures of Jack Rabbit on Classic Reload. To start the game, simply press 5 to insert credits or coins, followed by pressing 1 to select. Use the arrow keys for movement and rely on Alt or Ctrl for performing actions. Enjoy the journey and may your leaps be swift and precise!

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