Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

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Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.


Lode Runner: The Legend Returns is a 1994 remake of the classic Lode Runner video game. The gameplay is essentially similar to the original, but a number of new special items and devices were added. Teleporters provide an interesting twist, and exits which require a key to open can sometimes make the gameplay more challenging.

There are new devices to pick up and use such as snare traps, intoxicating sprays, jackhammers, bombs, and buckets filled with orange goo to slow enemies down.

The game also features several varites of ground, or "turf". In addition to the standard turf which is susceptible to your blaster, there is stone (which can only be penetrated with a jackhammer or a high explosive), goo (which slows the passage of both the player and his enemies), and "trap door" floors that allow the player to pass right through.

A few traces of a story are present in the game. Your character is named Jake Peril, although on some levels you can play as his identical partner, Wes Reckless. Wes is available during two-player cooperative levels, and head-to-head hotseat play.

The robots of the original game are called "Mad Monks" in this version, and wear red robes.

The game contains 150 single-player levels broken up into various worlds, such as Ancient Times, Fungus Caverns, and Phosphorus Caves.

A powerful level editor is included with the game, which allows several levels to be linked together, and the ability to switch between different tile sets, in addition to all the standard functions that would be expected.


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Sierra Entertainment
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