Oil Imperium

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How to play Oil Imperium

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Oil Imperium Description

The idea is, as much oil to promote and sell and to defeat the enemy with any fair and unfair means. A move always takes a month, each action in the game costs one or more days.

The game is designed for four players (in either a human hotseat method) or the computer can be played. Players take on the management of the company "Interoil", "All American", "Transoil" or "Explora Inc.".

There are four different game targets to choose from: three-year game, play to the longest survival of the company in the game, play to 80% market share of a player or game to reach $ 60 million. The mission objectives, there are certain differences. So take z. B. the manual bore the mission objective "the first $ 60 million" for longer than the other missions.

There are eight oil producing regions to choose from, where licenses, tanks and oil fields are to acquire: Alaska, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, the Soviet Union, the Gulf region and Indochina .

One can can exhibit expert on the probable yield of an oil field and this field - with good expectations - buy. Then you can choose to manually drill or so to let the computer do (for a fee).
Oil Imperium is a German business simulation , in 1989 for the PC , C64 , Atari ST and the Amiga of Reline Software was developed and published. International the game under the name Black gold was marketed.

There is the possibility to interfere with the opponent sensitive by sabotage. This happens for example by lighting the oil fields, destruction of tanks, manipulation of budgets etc. To protect against such played down a player can hire a security company.

During the game three types of action sequences can take place: When oil sales can lead to delays, with the result that you have to put yourself the pipes of a pipeline, and faster than a parallel build construction computer opponent. It also engages in manual drilling, in which the deviation of the drill head has to be corrected from the center, and the deletion from burning oil wells by dynamite . The latter can also be of a specialist named "Ted Redhair" (in reference to a famous Red Adair be carried out).

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